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World Fair Trade Day

On May 11th we celebrated World's Fair Trade Day! It is an inclusive worldwide festival of events celebrating Fair Trade as a tangible contribution to sustainable development, especially the economic empowerment of small producers, gender equality in workplaces and responsible production practices.

Thank you very much to all those who support us and who consume fair trade products, you are the agents of change!


Women's Day

Happy Women's Day! We are so proud to have female artisans in our BeasyTapia team! These strong woman work everyday to support their families, and to keep Chilean traditions alive.

We want more women leaders for gender equity and sustainable development. Fair Trade promotes gender equality through women's leadership and economic empowerment.


Alto Las Condes Fair Trade fair

Our wonderful experience in the 4th version of Fair Trade Fair in Alto Las Condes, from 9 to 11 Nov. Where some of our craftsmen could exhibit and sell their products in four stands in the fair. We appreciate all the support and welcome we have received from all of you!

Fair organized by the Fair Trade Association in Chile.

Some of our stands in the fair with our craftsmen selling their creations.

Live fair, one product at a time

On 12 of May we celebrated the Fair Trade Day! The World Fair Trade Day is an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), It is an inclusive worldwide festival of events celebrating Fair Trade as a tangible contribution to the fight against poverty, climate change and unfair practices in supply chains.


Every Fair Trade purchase supports

responsible production, not only economic it is also a social and political stance against the unfair and unsustainable trading practices. Through Fair Payment and respect for the environment, Fair Trade cares for people and the planet.

Live fair, one Fair Trade purchase at a time.

Our artisans Rosario, Cassiamo and Eyleen live fair, one Fair product at a time.

Tradition to the world

Beas Y Tapia has been dedicated to the exportation of Chilean Handicraft worlwide, being the most experienced chilean company in this business. Through our 30 years of history, we have met along our country many passionate craftsmen, who are now our most valuable partners.


Know our Craftsmen 

We work with artisans from different cities around Chile and each one of them does a creative work.

We are also part of the World Fair Trade Organization, so we work as partners with our craftsmen, making sure to pay a fair price for their work and establishing a long time relationship with them so we can grow together.

"Our commitment is to practice the principles of Fair Trade both with our artisans and clients, we contact craftsmen directly and we offer them a price that values ​​their work and trade, as we deliver a certified quality product to our customers all over the world"

Want to order?

Send us an email detailing the products which interested you and we will contact you back!

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