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Concón · Valparaíso Region

Rosario Campbell · Copper craft

Rosario Campbell and her husband have a workshop together , sometimes they have the support and help from their daughters, for many years they have worked designing and elaborating our jewelry products in copper enamelled by fire.

"During these last two years of cooperation with Beas and Tapia, it has been a pleasure, in a transparent environment, of warmth and respect. Over the years has given us great satisfaction as paying the education of our daughters, have our own workshop and travel across different countries."

Rosario Campbell on the right, with her helper on the left.
Rari · Maule Region

Nancy Cortínez · Horsehair craft

Nancy Cortínez was influenced by her mother Gladys Rebolledo, who  transmitted to her and her sisters this knowledge, this happened gradually from her childhood to youth. Throughout her life she has continued to cultivate her craft being currently artisan master doing workshops of diffusion and training of apprentices in diverse places.

"With Beas and Tapia we contacted a fair trade fair, which had been invited through the Entrepreneur Market. Although recent, it is a very cordial and respectful relationship."

Nancy Cortínez doing a horsehair craft workshop in 2015.
Pomaire · Metropolitan Region

Andrea Hernández · Clay craft

At the age of 25, Andrea Hernández started working as a potter, making small pigs to sell to local people who owned stores in Pomaire, eventually she started to make other types of handicrafts (salseros, pailas, mates, etc.). Built a stove in her house to cook the clay and then leased a place to sell the products she made.

"One day talking to a neighbor who had an economic relationship with Beas and Tapia, we agreed to send a sample of the piglets that I made. From that moment I began to work, delivering about 450 piglets a month, which was complemented by the work of the house and the leased premises.

Having another child, I stopped leasing local and increased the production of piglets delivered to Beas and Tapia, which added to the work with my sister. Evolving the design, with increase of the quantity delivered and work with exclusive dedication, maintaining the size.

The working and economic relationship has been good, with clear accounts, which means keeping the job until today."

Andrea Hernández working on clay small pigs.
Santiago · Metropolitan Region

Jorge Monares & Ysabel Campos · Copper craft

Jorge Monares is the creator and owner of “Monarte Cobre” workshop since 1989. His work as a copper crafter started 30 years ago in his father´s workhop, where he learned the tools handling and the copper products designing. He has developed copper forging techniques similar to the ones used in the colonial era.  Today, along with his wife, he creates different authentic products that rescue the symbol of the copper: a material that represents the image of Chile. 

"I work with Beas y Tapia since 2015, and since then we have had a very good relationship with good results. We have a good commercial relationship and also a good friendship”.

Jorge Monares and Ysabel Campos working together on their workshop.
Fernando y José Carmona in their workshop, with dry cactus wood on the background.
La Serena · Coquimbo Region

Fernando & José Carmona ·Cactus wood crafts

With 26 years of experience, Fernando Carmona is a rainstick cactus craftsman that works with 6 other workers, being 2 of them members of his family. 

With dedication and effort Fernando has been able to keep the tradition of the rainstick cactus musical instruments, and to give education to his sons. We have worked together since 2001.  

" Thanks to the products we have been able to produce for Beas and Tapia, it has allowed me to take my family forward, giving me the great possibility of having my two children studying in the university and being able to give work to other families who need it as much as mine. The commercial relationship I have always had with Beas and Tapia is very good, they have always been supporting me in all areas, also with suggestions and scope for the continuous improvement of the products.”

Santiago · Metropolitan Region

Paulina Rubilar ·Fused glass craft

Paulina Rubilar is an artisan with more than 22 years of experience in fused glass handcrafts creation. She started with a small amount of materials but a huge amount of creativity that permitted her after a few years to buy her own oven. Her work consists in the crafting of earrings, necklaces, hair clips and rings, which are all recognized in their high qualities.

“Very recently I met Mr. Bernardo and it was very pleasant to work with him, he is a serious and orderly person, and with very important values to carry out our business relationship.”

Paulina Rubilar painting fused glass earrings, on her workshop.
Loreto Doenitz with her daughter and also helper.
Santiago · Metropolitan Region

Loreto Doenitz · Orgons

Arte Orgones was born as a family business three years ago, because of the need to generate income from home to facilitate the care of her 3 children. In its beginnings Loreto designed, manufactured and marketed each piece alone, now due to the demand she has the help of one of her daughters.

Each product is handmade, in resin, quartz and metal chips, thus contributing a bit with the recycling of waste materials.

The workshop is in her home, so it helps her to share more time with family while working.

“In October of 2016 in order to increase my sales, I take my products to Beas and Tapia, with good results. The relationship with Beas and Tapia has been very cordial and professional, hoping that it will continue in time.”

Pomaire · Metropolitan Region

Juan & Teresa Jiménez · Clay craft

Juan and Teresa Jiménez are brother and sister, they work together in Pomaire in their workshop making clay crafts traditionals from that small town. They use Puangue's clay for their creations and keep spreading chilean traditions with their work.  

“After a long process of making our clay pieces we wrap and ship them to Beas y Tapia, which we had worked for more than 30 years together.”

Teresa Jiménez on her workshop.
Santiago · Metropolitan Region

Jorge Sepúlveda · Goldsmith

His craftsmanship began to develop in the middle of the year 1985, and was evolving in designs and quality, to reach the demanding market that represents Beas and Tapia.

“Our relationship for more than two decades as commercial partners have been of mutual respect and cooperation. The market in which we are together, we have the confidence that both Beas y Tapia and us are together to deliver a quality craftsmanship and original designs”

Jorge Sepúlveda working on his workshop.
Santiago · Metropolitan Region

Omar Guerrero · Ocarinas

Omar started learning about pottery in 1977, seven years later he began to sell his work as a freelance in Chile. He found Beas y Tapia and started working with us since 2002, he also had the support from his wife so they could work and be with their children in their formation and education. Currently, her daughter is a Political Scientist and his son is a Sociologist.

"I'm happy with my work and also proud of what I have achieved through my craft."

Omar Guerrero playing music with his handmade ocarinas.

Maritza Quintero · Fused Glass craft

Valparaíso · Valparaíso Region

Maritza’s workshop operates by self-management and is established as the main source of her family income, being a fundamental contribution to the professional education of my daughter.

Her first sales are on a small scale through consignment deliveries to regional stores, direct sale of the products in the workshop, fairs and handicrafts exhibitions inside and outside the country.

“Since 1999, I have been a supplier in Beas y Tapia Ltda., thanks to their Fair Trade networks, it has helped my workshop to boost sales and also to generate jobs.”

Maritza Quintero painting on her workshop.
Santiago · Metropolitan Region

Andrea Marquez·Copper & Bronze craft

She began 6 years ago to learn how to do jewelry as a hobby in her free time, then she met Jorge Sepúlveda, with whom she learn techniques to improve her work. Later, she started to sell her work to friends and acquaintances, and finally to the commerce world.

“I really love my work and I put all the dedication and passion so it haves a good reception with my clients.”

Andrea working in her workspace.
Villarica · Araucanía Region

Félix Monsalves · Wood craft

Félix's father, Domingo Monsalves, was who first started working with us in 1993; when he passed away, Félix took over his workshop and because of the many years of friendship and trust, he keeps working with us with the help of his wife and sons. 

Among his work, they stand out, the kitchen and tableware for bread, napkins and tea; and also the traditional Chilean wood snakes.

“My relationship with Beas y Tapia started a long time ago with my father, now with my family we keep working together, and it has helped me to give education to my daughter and sons."

Félix with his work in wood craft.
Olmué · Valparaíso Region

Carlos Guerrero · Fused glass craft

Carlos has his workshop in the Valparaíso Region, in the town Olmué, there are five more people that work with him in a family atmosphere. They make mainly fused glass jewelery: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

“Our business relationship with Beas y Tapia is from many years, now we resume contact and hope to keep working well together.”

Carlos working with his team in the workshop.
Puente Alto · Metropolitan Region

Loreto Máximo · Paper craft

Loreto makes unique pieces out of paper, from jewelry to bags and even tablecoths, she makes them out of tetra pak, magazines and news papers. Through her work she gives jobs to young women and men, mothers and elderly.

“This new relationship with Beas y Tapia is a new opportunity to keep supporting my family, and others. Also to contribute to the planet through, with unique pieces of art both in fashion and in daily life"

Loreto in a showcase with one of her bags.
El Tangue, Tongoy · Coquimbo Region

René Cerda · Recycled metal

Since1995 René works as an artisan in Iron, scrap metal, industrialsurpluses and similar materials, through mechanization with hand tools and also with arc welding. He actually works in his workshop with his family.

He is recognized as an Artisan by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage.

“This new relationship with Beas y Tapia is a new chance to keep exporting my work to the world. ”

René working in his workshop.
Pirque · Metropolitan Region

Mike Dabaros · Wood craft

Mike uses recycled wood for the making of his hanging mobiles, as in his workshop they are concerned about reducing the carbon footprint by making their purchases of raw materials and the dispatch of products already manufactured, coordinating the movements between both instances.

In his workshop they work with the help of women in vulnerable conditions and with older adults to contribute to their income, this being one of the few labor agencies that give work in the line of fair trade in the commune of Pirque.

“This new relationship with Beas y Tapia supports not only my work but also many of women and older adults in vulnerable conditions here in Chile"

Mike working in his workshop.
Santiago · Metropolitan Region

Ana Lizana · Copper craft

Ana Lizana has been making crafts for about five years, she started with the purpose of having autonomy and flexibility of time; her work allow her to sustain the issues related to a catastrophic illness of her mother and also, in addition, is suitable for her physical condition, since she has been operated twice on the hip having two prostheses on both legs now.

“This path has given me the opportunity to grow professionally while being able to carry out some projects that have to do with improving the material conditions of life, at the same time that I have been incorporating in my family environment. ”

Ana Lizana IMG-20180101-WA0010.jpg
Ana working in her workshop.
Carolina Riquelme IMG_20200904_015735.jpg
Carolina working in her workshop.

Carolina Riquelme · Fused glass craft

Carolina Riquelme is an artisan that has specialized in the design of fused glass articles and jewelry, she has more than 8 years of experience developing this hand craft.


For a long time, Carolina had the idea of looking for a way to reuse materials that were in disuse. She learned about glass fusion and decided to research in this technique, since it was the opportunity to create recyclable, decorative and functional products. Later, Carolina applied to a project and was able to buy her own oven.


At the beginning, she used fused glass in mosaic work and bottle lamps, and later discovered the value of craftmanship labor in the design and detail of small pieces of craft and decided to focus her work in fused glass jewelry. Carolina creates beautiful pieces of fused glass jewelry of which stand out earrings, rings and necklaces, all of them of a high decorative value.

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